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function get_style577 () { return "none"; } function end577_ () { document.getElementById('ubb577').style.display = get_style577(); } Rising Dragon – is located in the heart of the city of Hanoi, it has a good service and proper facilities and well managed by our very own helpful, enthusiastic staff. That all make us become the popular mid-range hotels in the Old Quarter of Hanoi
Hotel’s Address:

61 Hang Be St., Hanoi, VN
Tel: (+84-4) 3926 3494/4944
Fax: (+84-4) 3926 3493

24 Hang Ga St., Hanoi, VN
Tel: (+84-4) 392 32626/3751
Fax: (+84-4) 3923 3748

17 Nguyen Van To St., Hanoi, VN
Tel: (+84-4) 3923 3883/3885
Fax: (+84-4) 3923 3889

12 Nguyen Quang Bich St., Hanoi, VN
Tel: (+84-4) 3923 2525/4029
Fax: (+84-4) 3923 4024

1B Cua Dong St., Hanoi, VN
Tel: (+84-4) 3923 3549/3786
Fax: (+84-4) 3923 3548


1. Taxi airport scams.

While at the airport, our staff is hanging up the pick up sign with our guest’s name, then some taxi drivers try to copy each name and write in his paper, and then quickly stand far in front of our staff.

1. On the way, he says that our Rising Dragons are booked out so he will take you straight away to other hotels called “sisters of Rising Dragons”.
Please don’t believe in him, what you should do is to come inside of our hotel with correct address mentioned above to meet the front desk receptionist’s (Manager). and You will be fine

2. Trying to take your money every time you pass bridges and blame it is toll fees.
Don’t pay him anything as the toll fee is included in the price and should be paid when you are inside of our hotel (to make sure you pay the accurate amount as our previous guests have been paid instead of 320.000 VND to 3.200.000 VND => 10 times higher because of many number 0 confusion).

3. Taxi driver’s drop you off in front of our hotel and another person quickly run out from our hotel to you and say “ Rising Dragon is full please follow him to 2nd hotel”
Please don’t believe in him, again you should come inside to meet our staff at the front desk.

4. Taxi Driver’s also asking additional payment for dropping at the airport
Please don’t pay

2. FAKE REVIEWS on TripAdvisor Site!

Communicate to the hotel through telephone or email to avoid fake advisory

Some written information below could be useful for travelers which is first timer to Vietnam.
@ Problem 1
A worry of lack information about Vietnam before entering the country.
@ Solution 1
On Airlines that you are boarding, it is easy to find brochures, articles and books about Vietnam left in every seat pockets. These can also be found at the ground of airport check out point.

@ Problem 2
which transportation should be taken at the airport to the arranged hotel and what should be the correct cost including toll fees?
@ Solution 2
Noi Bai Airport Taxi is a reliable company and cost 15 USD/private 4 seat Car (2011 price). You will pay until you get inside the hotel that you booked to make sure you pay the correct amount.

@ Problem 3
the denomination VND has so many zero (0). Sometimes makes you confused, when you buy things. Local people pretend to help you with counting money. And they often take more for what you should pay for example, 10.000 VND they can take 100.000 VND
@ Solution 3
Check carefully the number zero in each notes . If you encounter trouble with local outside, do not hesitate to call hotel staff or policeman.

@ Problem 4
When you are walking on the street, many postcard sellers come to you and try to sell. It costs normally 8.000 VND, they end up taking 80.000 VND
@ Solution 4
Travelers should be encouraged to purchase cards, maps and other such items from bookshops rather than street vendors.

@ Problem 5
frequent visitors who find a hotel on their own but on the way back to the hotel, a person follow him/her to the hotel to claim for commission.
@Solution 5
Receptionist of the hotel will ask you whether you indeed need help from him/her.

@ Problem 6
While walking around the old quarter, guests often come into small travel agent shop to buy trips, or train tickets with promising that trip will be excellent and train tickets will be soft sleeper and 1st class. They end up having much lower quality of trip than what have promised and hard sleeper instead of soft ones.
@Solution 6
If you don’t find a reliable company then just ask for your hotel, and the hotel is more reliable and honest

@ Problem 7
Be aware for pickpockets when you go around to the market or walk around the Hoan Kiem Lake.
@ Solution 7
Tourists should be advised to leave their valuables and extra money in the hotel safety box in your room.

@ Problem 8
When you are in the street, some vendor seller women try to follow you and invite you to take picture with her products like a bunch of banana, or apple i.e. You first think it is fun and free of charge. But after taking pictures you will be asked to pay money.
@ Solution 8
if you still want to take photos. then 3 or 4 USD will be paid maximum.
To make your trip’s worthy and convenient in our country ,do not hesitate to call our landline numbers or send us email

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