Hanoi Food Tasting Tours

function get_style716 () { return "none"; } function end716_ () { document.getElementById('ubb716').style.display = get_style716(); } Enjoy Hanoi Food Tasting Tours, you have chance to join us with two options as follows:

OPTION 1: Hanoi Food Tasting Tours – Explore the world of street food in Hanoi

  • Operating time : everyday from 11.30- 14.30 “Lunch” or 18.00 to 21.00 “Dinner”
  • Duration : 03 hours
OPTION 1 Group tour Private tour
PRICE (per person) 25 USD 35 USD (2 people up)

This kind of tour is really suitable for whom like walking around Hanoi city. Pick you up at advised place, our tour guide will take you to enjoy Hanoi excursion then show you the most special things in this hustle- bustle city, the busy daily life activities, the typical architecture and tell you the interesting histories about this old town as well. By this way, your party and tour guide can walk over most famous streets in Hanoi Old Quarter.

On the way, we stop at around 7 local restaurants/ food stalls to try Vietnamese food and drink. Those are really well known and most popular for Hanoian and tourist. Our guide will introduce to you the recipe and main ingredients, the historical backgrounds of each dish. After that, certainly, you will watch and taste some particular dishes. This is really a great opportunity that you could allow yourself to experience fantastic local specialty flavours.

OPTION 2: Hanoi Food Tasting Tours – Enjoy variety of food items at a fixed location

  • Operating time : everyday from 17.30 to 19.30 “dinner time”
  • Duration : 2 hours
OPTION 2 Group tour Private tour
PRICE (per person) 20 USD 30 USD (2 people up)

This is the best choice for who have just been in Hanoi city, not really enjoy walking a lot. However, this short walking time could be considered as the great chance that tourist could be familiar with Hanoi, get acquainted with the weather, the local people and the traffic… in this busy city.

Start at around 5.30 PM, our local tour guide will take you to visit one local market. This type of wet market could be easily seen everywhere, sometime you can even see it on the sidewalk in Hanoi Old Quarter. It is the place where the Vietnamese women could buy any ingredients to prepare meals. This short excursion is an occasion to meet and chat with the vendors/ stall holders and know how they earn for living in Hanoi and what the essential ingredient of Vietnamese food are.

The final destination will be a local family restaurant to start for tasting food. We will put all Vietnamese dishes together on the table and our tour guide will explain its details such as ingredient, recipe and history, etc. to you before you decide to taste and enjoy the food.


  • Guest number : maximum 8 pax
  • Pick- up time : from 17h 30 to 17h 45 at the advised place in Hanoi Old Quarter. (If the guest accommodation is located outside Hanoi Old Quarter, please kindly be ready at 41A Bat Su, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city before 18h).
  • If you have any special food requirements, please inform us in advance.
  • Those programs above may not be fixed time and are the subjects on request. In the case customers would like to experience more attractive activities, it is necessary to order in advance and do extra payment is required.

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