Jeromy Leavelle Owner Woly Board CO

Long ago, Hanoi had another name, “Thang Long” or “Rising Dragon” King Ly Thai To traveled to the area, praised for its favorable location between mountains and the Red River. The Ly king witnessed a beautiful golden dragon rising up into heaven and decided to establish his capital here in the year 1010. During his reign, Vietnam art and culture flourished, business and agriculture developed rapidly, and the Vietnamese people enjoyed an era of prosperity. Rising Dragon Hotel reflects the same optimism and pride of that long-ago era .

Rising Dragon Hotel is the innovative hotel at the very epicenter of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Gaze out at the bustling streets of Hanoi from the balcony of your contemporary room, complete with full-size bathtub, marble countertops, modern air conditioning, free wifi internet access, and hardwood floors.
Relax in your room or visit the on-site Contemporary Art Gallery. If you can tear yourself away, there are other entertainments within sight of the hotel.

Beginning on the same block as the hotel are the shoe borough, the made-to-order and ready-made clothing section, and the bar and restaurant district, all part of the delights of the Old Quarter. Nearby conveniences include supermarkets, ATMs and the ANZ Bank, the local post office and FedEx headquarters, plus the modern shopping mall of Hanoi, Trang Tien Plaza.